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Monday November 04, 2019

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Video Box is a very large, very well put together online DVD site that features more than 21,000 DVDs and growing fast. The site is updated everyday and they actually add 4-6 new full length DVDs each day. Unlike some large DVD sites these guys also include movies from a couple of the larger production companies including Evil Angel and Vivid. There are movies in dozens of categories so no matter what your interest chances are they have a large selection of hot DVDs to check out. I was very impressed with the online streaming player that this site offers. At the bottom of it there is a filmstrip style preview bar. You can scroll up and back through the movie and see what happens throughout then you can just click a spot on the filmstrip bar and instantly jump to that part of the movie. It makes skipping to the good parts a breeze. Speaking of the movies, you can watch them in these online streams or download them to your computer. The overall quality of them is very good. They have a very clear picture and hold up well at full screen size. The movies are available in Flash, WMV and MP4 formats as well as a few other options for mobile devices. Video Box is very well designed and put together with a lot of great search and browse features that make finding the movies you are interested in simple and fast. Perhaps the best feature of this site is its amazing price. You get access to all of this for only $14.95 per month. That is about the cost of one DVD and here you get access to over 21,000. This is one of the best deals you will find anywhere.

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MC Says:

I think this is honestly the best DVD site. There's a huge number of movies and is still steadily growing with regular updates. Great quality, I loved the viewing options and videos formats and the members area is really useful too. DVD sites don't get much better than this.

seriousmark Says:

there just is no reason at all to join any adult site besides Video box. They've got content from everyone, high quality stuff too! i keep coming back for more.

percysledge Says:

I love sites that give you the choice to stream instead of making you download. Besides, how the hell am i supposed to download 8,000 some odd DVD's? Video Box has everyone's stuff, not just a couple small companies, so i don't have to look around, too.

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