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College Rules
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College Rules

Thursday July 07, 2016

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College Rules takes you into the dorm halls and frat houses of colleges all over the nation and lets you see what kind of crazy, debauchery filled things these wild college kids are really up to. Featuring all exclusive content this site has some pretty hot parties in it. We see people fucking in crowded rooms as the party goers cheer them on, girls getting naked in public and my favorite scene which was a scavenger hunt where they had to do wild sexual things like a girl had to give a guy head while the guy leaned up against a police car or you had to go swimming nude in public pool. The videos in these scenes look really nice. I would guess that they are in the area of DVD quality because they hold up pretty well at full screen size. Each scene also has a picture gallery, but it looks like they are just screen shots from the movies. Sadly, this is where the good stuff for this site ends. There are some minor issues like the fact that you can only watch the movies in online streams and can't download them. However, the big problem is the size of the site. There are only a total of 100 scenes in the site. The site does update but it looks like they only add a new scene every 2-3 weeks so the growth is slow. There is no bonus content and no extra content of any type. I suppose some people may still find some value in this site if they want to join just to check out the scenes that it does haves, but in my opinion there are bigger, better similar sites out there that will give you more bang for the buck.

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john Says:

Wish i went to college these videos are awesome feels like i did go to college.

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