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Friday April 24, 2015
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Videoz is maybe the biggest, best put together DVD site on the internet today. With over 11,400 full length DVDs you can watch or download and multiple new DVDs added every day it is still growing at a very quick rate. For a site this big the layout really lends itself to being easy to use and navigate. You can browse by category, title, star, most popular, highest rated and many other ways. Each DVD is broken down into scenes that you can choose to watch in online streams or download to your computer. The videos have a couple of different quality levels to choose from and while the lower level movies are decent, the only reason you would watch/download them is if you are on a very slow connection. Otherwise stick to the high level movies that are DVD quality and have a kick ass picture quality. These movies are available in Flash, AVI and MPG4 formats. This site has so many DVDs that they have just about every niche or category your wicked hard could desire covered. Videoz has all their bases covered and deliver a world class site here that is so full of porn you would have to live to be 150 years old to watch it all. To sweeten the site even more we have been authorized by the site owner to give you a 40% discount on the membership fee. You can now get access to all of these DVDs for just $17.95 that is about the cost of 1 DVD and here for the same price you get over 11,400.

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User Reviews For: Videos Z
SweetJuices Says:

Listen up, if it's a DVD site you want then this is the one to get. There's more than 8,000 already, and the crazy thing is that updates happen every single day, doesn't get better than that. HD quality and lots of video formats too.

wellybottom Says:

Sure, none of the content is exclusive, but they've got like 50 thousand videos though! I dont think i'll be able to watch all the amazing hardcore fucking you've got at Videos Z.

tilting Says:

When i've got the hunger for more hardcore porn than i can handle, i come home to Videos Z. This is the spot for streaming, downloading, and everything else i want.

johnny Says:

At first,i didnt believe that 5 new porn dvds come out every day, but sure enough, Videos Z updates their site every day with just that. I can't get enough of this.

nowayjose Says:

videos Z really does put up 5 fuckin dvds every day dude. Stop fucking around with the adult shop and just subscribe already! shit man.

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